TSI TH-Calc® Thermohygrometers

TSI, TH-Calc, ThermohygrometersTSI TH-Calc® Thermohygrometers are excellent hand-held diagnostic instruments for measuring temperature and humidity. The meters measure temperature and humidity, and also calculate dew point. The advanced model adds data logging, and performs wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, humidity ratio and % outside air calculations. TH-Calc® Meters are ideal for conducting thermal comfort studies, process controls, HVAC system testing/balancing, critical environments and agriculture applications.

Features And Benefits

•Reliably measures temperature and humidity
•Calculates wet bulb temperature
•Large display for easy readings
•NIST-traceable calibration certificate included


•Conducting thermal comfort studies
•Conducting IAQ evaluations
•Verify building HVAC system performance
•Troubleshooting heating and cooling systems
•Monitoring air conditions for manufacturing processes

Included Items

•Hard carrying case
•(4) AA alkaline batteries
•Operation and service manual
•NIST calibration certificate

7415-7425 TH-Calc® Thermohygrometers

The Model 7415 Thermohygrometer is a basic instrument that accurately and reliably measures temperature and humidity.
TSI, Primary Calibrators, 4046, 4146
The TH-Calc™ Model 7425 Thermohygrometer is a diagnostic instrument with advanced capabilities, such as data logging, review of statistics and downloading to a PC using LogDat2™ software (included).
TSI, Primary Calibrators, 4046, 4146